At Loventine we are constantly working on providing a secure and reliable service for our users. Nevertheless you have to bear in mind that you need to be cautious when using the website or when meeting up with other members. Here a few suggestions in order to avoid bad experiences:

How to prevent fraud

  • Never reveal personal data such as your surname, email address, home address, telephone number, working place or any other personal information that identifies you in your internet profile or in messages with other users.
  • Avoid any contact with people that force you to reveal personal or financial information or who try to betray you in any kind of way.
  • Never send or transfer money or other any type of benefits to people you know from the internet.
  • Never reveal any data of creditcards or your bank account.
  • Report to Loventine those people who try to betray you.
  • Don't trust those users who immediately want to get in touch with you, chat or establish any kind of contact with you outside of Loventine.
  • Fraudster or scammers frequently delete their profiles and later create other profiles with similar data. Please inform Loventine if you come across something like that.
  • Be careful with those people who say they recently have been widowed, foreigners and travelers.

Safe dating tips

  • Remain anonymous until you feel secure enough to meet up with another person.
  • Take your time, be sure that you have a good impression of the person you want to meet. We strongly recommend you to talk with the person on the phone or to ask for photos before date in order to avoid bad experiences.
  • If you meet another users, always tell a family member or a friend who you are meeting, where you are going and when you expect to return.
  • Never agree to be picked up at home.
  • Use your own car, bycicle or the public trasnsport to get to and from the date.
  • Choose a public place to meet where you feel comfortable and secure.
  • It could be dangerous getting drunk on your first date.
  • Keep your personal belongings within sight at all times, and if you have a mobile phone, always take it with you.
  • If the date takes place in another city, we strongly recommend you to stay in a hotel, take a taxi to get to and from the date and stay constantly connected with your friends and family.

Report to Loventine

Remember that you're always helping other victims when you report members with bad intentions.
This website is prohibited for those who are underage.
Report those users who have false data or photos in their profile.


The Loventine team.